Beth Huckel
I first took up pilates to help alleviate many of the symptoms associated with hypermobility. A challenging twin pregnancy later then meant i spent too much of my time and money at the osteopath with severe back and hip pain! Having seen first hand the benefits of pilates I decided to re-train and change my career.
Twelve years later I am still running classes to improve people’s functional movement.  Our bodies are designed to move far more than we often get the time to in our frenetic lives.  My classes are pilates based but include many of the ideas I have trained in along the way, which enable you to not only move safely and effectively within class, but also to function correctly and with stability in your day to day lives, minimising the risk of injury; and of course improving your overall strength, flexibility and muscle tone.  My classes aim to move the body in all planes to allow better functional movement for your general daily activities through to your professional sports.  Classes range from general increased mobility exercises through to advanced dynamic stability training.

Bonk Tasker
Working within the fitness industry for over 20 years I was first introduced to Pilates in early 2000 and was hooked. As my own body began to show signs of struggling to cope with bringing up my
family whilst continuing the active work and home life I loved, Pilates gave me back the balance and stability lacking in my body. So I retrained and my career changed direction out of the gym and into the Pilates Studio.  My classes focus on the use of breath with traditional Pilates principles and exercises to regain the functional strength, stability, flexibility, alignment and space our bodies need to live our day to day life. My passion lies in small group classes and 1-1 work with the larger reformer based equipment.