To my regret I did not start Pilates until my late 60's, however thanks to classes under Beth's the watchful eye my body has made significant improvements in core strength, flexibility and balance. A session with Beth is never boring , there is always something new whether it be with or without aids, there is always a challenge and something to learn.... I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Chris S.   

I came to Pilates a year ago, having been recommended to try it by a friend. In a year of attending Beth's classes, I have gained better balance and strength, and improved awareness of my stance at all times. At 182.5cm I am now 1.25cm taller than when I started Pilates. I swim better with less shoulder and neck tightness, and I have found that Pilates has allowed me to ski faster, and with more stability, at an age when many of my friends are slowing down !. Beth's tuition is always individually focused, looking out for the limitations, as well as the needs of and challenges for an individual, and I continue to enjoy it enormously.

Peter Summers   

I have been attending Beth's Pilates classes for about 8 years. I love the variety of Beth's classes and never get a chance to get bored. We use all sorts of equipment; balls of all different sizes, bands, gliders and rollers. It makes me work those muscles that are left untouched without the discipline of going to a class. I definitely can notice an improvement in my core strength and balance, not to mention the resistance work with our arms, that I otherwise avoid. I can always feel the benefits, and miss it when we break for the holidays

Katharine Green   

I have been attending Beth's classes since January 2009, after a break of a couple of years from Pilates. Beth's classes are relaxed and friendly, whilst still being focused and challenging. I am a relatively fit man of 30 and the rest of my class are women a few years older than me, however I often come away from my class feeling like it was tailored just for me. This is what I think is special about Beth's classes, the way that you feel individually taken care of in a group environment.

Ross Sargeant   

Beth’s Pilates classes are absolutely brilliant: I now attend her classes exclusively and the only other exercise I now do (or feel I should do) is walking the dog! Each time I attend Beth’s classes, I come away feeling taller, leaner and cleaner, on the inside as well as the outside. I also sleep far better than I have in a long time and feel that my mind is clearer and more focussed. These are the only fitness classes I have ever been to where I walk (rather than crawl) away feeling as good as I am told I shall. People of all shapes, sizes, ages and clothing (no, you don’t have to invest in any special or funky gear) attend Beth’s classes, which are not at all intimidating. Beth gently but firmly leads us through all the exercises and is thorough in both demonstrating the correct way to execute them and correcting each individual as necessary; she also explains what the intended result of each exercise is meant to be and adapts it to the individual’s needs and limitations. I come away feeling like I have really worked and achieved something every time and improved my health without crippling myself, which has not been my experience in the past as a long term gym bunny. I really wish I had started doing this many, many years ago….


Having been introduced to Beth after the birth of my second c-section we began a programme of recovery. She understood perfectly the level of exercise required to build strength slowly to endorse repair. We literally went from strength to strength. Having gained fitness back she then took me to a level of pilates I had known existed, a full on cardio workout! It was just fantastic. Her encouragement, support and no nonsense approach was refreshing in a world of candles and bells! Beth keeps herself fresh with a variety of approaches according to mood from dance, yoga, silks, HIIT and many other moves and exercises. Having moved abroad I miss her hugely. She is a brilliant teacher and I can only thoroughly recommend her sessions whatever your requirements.

Lucy Hughes   

'I was referred to Bonk for Pilates sessions due to chronic hip and back pain. Now not only am I pain free but my newfound knowledge of true core stability has enabled me to practise sporting activities and yoga far more safely and effectively. A true gem of a teacher!’

Deborah Kemp-Smith   

At first I found it difficult to pin down specific things about Bonk’s classes because they have become so much a part of my life. Then I thought if I didn't have them what would I miss. Well a highly trained , supportive and sensitive teacher for starters. I would be less supple and I would find the stresses of age harder to cope with.
In short you make looking after your body accessible and enjoyable. You are aware of our individual strengths and weaknesses and allow us to progress in a supportive but challenging way. I love the way I feel after a class. I always come away feeling taller and more in control and aware of my body.

Jane C.   

Beth, thank you for the fantastic work you have done over the last few weeks. As you know I was bullied into coming to see you by my physio -Sceptical probably doesn't do justice to previous thoughts of all things Pilates!
You really have made a massive difference and allowed me to fully participate in the sports I enjoy and all the wider benefits that brings.
I'm really delighted to concede that Pilates has been the answer for me and really does work. I'm happy to challenge anyone who thinks it's solely a past-time for bored middle class, middle aged, mums....and blokes who can't meet girls!

Mark Rowney   

Three years ago I had a riding accident and broke three vertebrae. After two months in a metal corset, I was rather like a wilted flower with no core strength and very vulnerable, a friend suggested I tried pilates and recommended Beth. To start with I had one to one sessions, Beth was very patient and supportive, slowly, but surely my strength built up and before too long I was able to join a beginners class. The joy with the classes they are never the same and we’re invariably targeting different areas of the body, Beth is very much aware of her clients problems or ailments and will advise them accordingly when doing the different exercises, equally Beth is always furthering her knowledge, which we all benefit from. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Beth’s tuition and inspiration.